EyeCycles unifies the technology components to transform digital displays into communication epicenters.

Digital sign networks designed and operated by EyeCycles provide industry leading reliability, security, and scalability. EyeCycles technology leadership provides clients the most cost effective and environmentally friendly “green” solutions available. Now watch as EyeCycles extends their reach to mobile clients with innovative solutions targeted at their specific markets.

With our team of industry-leading developers, software and hardware
engineers, and media experts, we engage with our customers to provide
best-in-class services.

Network Design and Installation

We will design your network to be optimized and fully reliable, using wired, wireless and cellular technologies, provided by our qualified partners.

Sign Network Management

We provide monitoring and management services as part of our subscription, making sure all digital signs remain running 24/7.

Project-Based Development & Design

From designing a customized video wall to developing a mobile device application specific to a venue, industry or target demographic, our team will help you connect people to digital signs.

We applied our expertise in digital media, software, computing, and networking to create a solution built expressly to operate a large scalable network of digital displays.


The EyeCycles controller was designed from the ground-up to be completely secure, making it impervious to outside infiltration. There are no third party applications to introduce security breaches or memory leaks. It downloads all content and software updates from the EyeCycles Secure Media Platform, meaning there are no ports open on the controller.

  • The EyeCycles controller has no moving parts to wear-out or break.
  • It runs a torture and time tested embedded Linux-based operating system.
  • It will operate in the most extreme temperature conditions.
  • With no virus threats or memory leaks, it can go months without so much as a reboot.
to Scale

The EyeCycles Client software is designed specifically for dynamic media playback of high-definition content. As it plays, it delivers telemetry and content auditing information back to the EyeCycles Secure Media Platform. Both the Portal and Client software have built-in features and redundancies to keep the digital sign network running at all times without the need for human intervention.


Every aspect of the EyeCycles Secure Media Platform is designed to maximize your profits. Our durable hardware and low annual fee provide a low cost of ownership. Our reliable system eliminates the need for a large support staff and expensive network operations center. Custom mobile apps create more interaction with our signs, further increasing the views and value of the media space.


EyeCycles controllers operate on less than 1/15 of the electricity of a PC. The components are lead free and the enclosure and shipping container are made from recycled materials. The Portal and Client work together to manage power consumption to further conserve energy.

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