Founded in 2009, EyeCycles has targeted hardware, software and service solutions to serve the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) advertising market.  Addressing the need for deploy-anywhere high-reliability displays, EyeCycles has developed an end-to-end customizable solution for DOOH media providers. Our display controllers and software offer industry-leading uptime and ad management capabilities along with wired or wireless network connections and remote monitoring. And, we’ve created innovative applications for connecting mobile device users to DOOH advertisements which add interactivity to the viewing experience.

Our team has brought deep expertise in advanced displays, media networking and streaming to bear on the DOOH challenge, combining both bulletproof off-the-shelf elements with in-house custom hardware and software to comprise the EyeCycles Secure Media Platform.

While the DOOH landscape has historically been comprised of disparate content software providers, media player vendors, and systems integrators battling for account supremacy with none offering a comprehensive solution, EyeCycles designed the EyeCycles Secure Media Platform to improve ROI for DOOH media providers by reducing risk, improving uptime and minimizing the time and complexity of new deployments.

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